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The garage door repair tips that the professionals like to use. Important information for consumers.

Garage door painting

Before painting, the garage door’s entire surface must be washed cleaned. Garage Door Repair Coronado recommends using trisodium phosphate to scrub the door. Let the door dry after rinsing it. The next step is to sand the door whether the door is made of wood or metal. After sanding, apply a zinc primer. After at least 16 hours, paint the door with the desired color.

Remote control should be properly put in a safe place

If the garage door remote control is not available while somebody is driving through or standing near the door, severe injuries, damages, and even possible death may happen. Hence, the remote control should be placed in a safe place to avoid anyone playing with it. It is very important to keep the remote functioning well at all times.

Garage door track maintenance

First check if there are any cracks on the tracks or even on the line. These cracks do not help in the smooth functioning of the door and need to be replaced. Use a silicone spray to lubricate the tracks and if you live in an area where is it extremely cold at winter, then use petroleum jelly to lubricate the rubber seal at the bottom of the door. This way the door will not get fixed to the ground due to cold weather.

Get openers with timer-to-close systems

The timer-to-close system is used by Liftmaster for the latest series of garage door openers. The timer is actually pre-programmed by you to close the door in a specific number of minutes after you have left. It is an excellent system for those who forget the door open. It is a basic tool for enhanced safety.

Use sufficient power supply

A garage door should be supplied with sufficient power that does not go beyond or below the recommended voltage, as our specialists advise. Too much power can overwork the garage door opener and the lack of it would make it deliver inadequate performance. Moreover, your electricity bill will also be affected if you do not follow the recommended power supply.

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