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Garage Door Maintenance

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Trust our renowned garage door repair, installation, and replacement company for your residential needs. The accomplished team specializes in systems designed for homes and opener services. Need troubleshooting today? Want to replace the broken spring as soon as possible? Our company guarantees immediate assistance to clients with urgent needs. Not only do technicians offer fast response emergency service but make sure the job is done efficiently and in one visit. The business vans are properly equipped and staff is well-trained. Rely on us for same day emergency repairs, maintenance service, opener replacement, sensors service, and track alignment. All needs are covered!Garage Door Maintenance in California

What our company promises is expertise, skills and reliability! With such qualities, our professionals can only guarantee efficiency in all garage door repair services. Every member of our technical team is trained in accordance to up to date products and also committed. Consistent to our promises, we are available to our customers for same day repair and troubleshooting. Our technicians offer broken spring replacement, panel repair, opener maintenance, adjustments and routine inspections. By maintaining the door frequently and responding in timely fashion to emergencies, our experts manage to keep the whole system reliable and resistant. You can count on us every time you want to replace components, install a door, fix the damaged garage door tracks or align the sensors.

When owning and operating a garage door, it is imperative that you keep up with easy maintenance / adjustments on your own. When buying and having your door installed, the garage door contractor at our Garage Door Maintenance/ Adjustments Company in Coronado will offer you tips and techniques to keep your door working properly, so that you can prevent costly repairs. We will also come out and give you the same tips with the garage door you already have. Your door has several different components, and each one needs to be maintained so that your garage door works correctly.

One of the most easy maintenance techniques is to keep your door clean.

If you see an issue with your door, do not put it off. Take care of it fast so that it doesn’t become more of a problem. When cleaning your door, a soft sponge, non abrasive detergent, and a hose is all you need. If you live in an area that is known for cold winters, you should not use salt around your garage door, as it will corrode the door and its hardware. The use of your garage door will naturally add wear and tear on the door. You should check that your tracks are aligned correctly so that your door opens on the rollers.

Keeping your door correctly lubricated so that the many moving parts continue to move smoothly is another imperative maintenance task. You should oil/lubricate all of your garage door hinges at least once a year. Your door has many hinges, so be sure that you oil all of them. Your garage door springs also need lubrication and should be touched up yearly, making sure that the entire spring and cable is oiled. When lubricating your door, also check for loose hardware. Over time, screws may come loose as the door open and close. Tighten these screws so that your door doesn’t get any further damage. If you prefer, you can let our Garage Door Service do all of this maintenance for you.

Our garage door company is the best company in Coronado. We offer the best in services, and we are dependable and trust worthy.

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