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Garage Door Springs

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Coronado is a growing city, and home to some great people. Those of you living in the city of Coronado who are in need assistance with garage door springs, if you need a replacement, our Coronado Garage door company can help you. Our garage door service in Coronado is proud to serve the many customers throughout the city. We strive to continue to meet and go above and beyond your expectations in garage door service, offering you the best prices and top-quality work. It is our goal to remain your number one resource for all of your garage door needs.Garage Door Springs in California

The confidence our professionals have as experienced garage door repair providers underlines their capacities and skills. What our company wants is for customers to have the same confidence and assurance regarding their safety when using the overhead door. This is possible with our notable services. If you have a vision of a functional system that will hardly give trouble, trust our work. Thanks to impressive expertise, we help clients when springs break, door remains open, reverse mechanism doesn't work or the tracks are misaligned. From the bottom seal to the cables and panels, all parts of the door can be replaced when damaged. Dedicated technicians can also replace the door and the opener, offer garage door adjustment, and guarantee same day service during emergencies.

There are two types of door springs.

The first one we will talk about is the torsion spring. Torsions springs are wound up on a rod, and located above the garage door opening. The doors that are equipped with torsion springs will have a pair of them on each side of the center of the door. These springs are highly dangerous and should only be repaired and installed by a trained professional at our Garage Door Company in Coronado. Torsion springs are responsible for lifting the majority of the garage door’s weight, either manually or with an opener. Most of today’s torsion springs have a life-span of about 10,000 cycles. The average torsion spring on a manually operated garage door will last about seven years. For the electronically operated doors this number will go down the more your door is used.

The second type of garage door spring is the extension spring. The extension springs are installed on the left and right sides of the door. Both expand and contract while opening and closing the garage door. These springs are also very dangerous, as they can contain a force to lift a 400-plus pound door. Never replace or repair these springs on your own. The garage door contractors of our Garage Door Company are trained in this installation. The extension spring is used on doors of less weight, and permit the door to open easily.

Galvanized garage door springs are not a different type of spring; they are the way the torsion or extension spring is manufactured. Galvanized springs are pleasing to look at and are made from oil tempered wire and coated to look great in your garage door. When using galvanized garage door springs it is vital to remember that they may oxidize over time, making them look white in color. This is a type of rusting on the metal. When your springs begin to oxidize, over time they will be in need of being replaced so as to prevent the further wearing out of the spring.

At our Garage Door Company in the city of Coronado, our Garage Door Contractors are proud to service all of the Coronado community. If you need repairs, installation, or new springs, the garage door contractors at our Garage Door Company are ready to help you.

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