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Garage door service for one-piece, roll-up and sectional type doors.

This is where you can find some FAQs for garage door repair. All the information is checked.

Can my garage door help me save energy?

Of course, it can! What are insulated garage doors for! You need to combine a garage door of high R-Value insulation efficiency with the regular replacement and care of the weather strip and bottom seal. Don't forget that regular and quality garage door maintenance will allow the proper operation of the door and it will never stay half open jeopardizing your security and the indoor temperatures. You will start saving money the next day.

How often must I inspect the condition of the sensors?

Garage door opener sensors maintenance is not hard and you should do it at least once a month. If you have kids and pets running around in the garage often, you may want to check them more often. Testing the effectiveness of the reverse system, the right communication with the opener and each other is not hard and sensors usually warn you with their blinking lights. Repair them at once, if damaged!

Are rolling code technologies really safe?

Rolling code is the newest technology and as far as the experts of our garage door company in Coronado as well as scientists know they are completely safe. This confidence derives from the fact that the codes keep changing every time you press the garage door clicker button and there are billions of code combinations.

What are the telltale signs that let me know it’s time to replace a garage door?

Coronado garage door experts can tell you that there are a few telltale signs. One would be if garage door maintenance is no longer having the same effect. Another is if the weather seal can no longer be replaced because of the damage.

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